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Ritual 1 was sited at Willsworthy, Dartmoor which is regularly utilized by the MOD for live firing and training. This has resulted over the years in cases of injuries to the general public from unexploded devices.







Ritual 2 was performed at a BAE Systems site in Dorchester. BAE Systems is the largest defence and security company in the UK and the second largest worldwide. It is at the forefront of developments in autonomous, unmanned military hardware and was also recently awarded the contract to design the replacement for the UK’s nuclear deterrent program Trident. They are renowned for controversial dealings with oppressive regimes that often have poor human rights records.



Ritual 3 was performed in Bristol at Lloyds Banking Groups Headquarters for the South West. A substantial portion of Lloyds is now owned by the UK taxpayer and this has resulted recently in the group halting (alongside other UK banks) investments in cluster and landmine munitions, after many years of being one of the larger UK investors. These devices continue to maim and kill civilians around the world every day long after conflict has ended. Handicap International estimates that more than half of these casualties are children. At this time it is unclear as to whether Lloyds Banking Group is still investing in manufacturers of Depleted Uranium tipped weaponry, which has been identified as a possible cause for the rise in birth defects within Iraq and cancer cases within veterans of the first Gulf conflict.



For each of the rituals a different symbolic egg was used as a means to draw out the energy from each location. These eggs were then released into the waters of Crazywell Pool on Dartmoor in the final cleansing ritual. This site was chosen as tragically in 1998 a sixteen year old Royal Marine’s recruit was drowned in icy waters during routine training.

We  ignore the unregulated and excessive militarization of the world at our peril. Through imagery and ritual I explore the shadow archetype of mankind’s death drive with the aim to raise awareness.


Each of the locations for the rituals were chosen for their symbolic significance in relation to the Military Industrial Complex.



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